Discussion on Vintage Labels Vol.1

Discussion on Vintage Labels Vol.1

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are fonts included or do we replace with our own fonts in each design?

@562media links to the fonts used is included in the help file.

@yAniv-k I am having problems installing the silom font. The exe file errors out. Is there any way you can send me the font file directly?

@yAniv-k nevermind I found the font file after scouring google

O.k great…..and tnx for your purchase phxadam

Looks fantastic!

Best regards…

Are the fonts used in these designs free to download or at additional cost? If at additional cost, can you provide a breakdown?

Hi timfor, some of the fonts require purchase for use

Any idea where I might find the girl on the beach pic. I wanted to make our logo with the exact same backdrop.

Excellent done! Beautiful labels, very easy to work with the project, and I totally agree with michellemc! :) Love the documentation file! You made my day, Yaniv! ;) Cheers! Well deserved 5 stars!

many thanks IronykDesign for your purchase and support… I really appreciate your kind word and feedback, :bigsmile: Cheers


With the extended license can I include JPEGs within the download file of my next theme?

Hi Jaynesh, if you meant that you gonna include the labels as an images/pngs(not editable) so the answer is yes with extended licence you can do that, With some credit of course ;) *But absolutely NOT as an psd editable files!

Not All the fonts included are free some are pay for. This should be mentioned in the description, it says nothing about Fonts needing to be purchased.

Hi jre1043, thank you for your notice.

How do I edit these in Photoshop? They are only vector files.

Hey rocketman7k please read the help.pdf (instruction on how to use the file)......cheers