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Very nice set

Thanks! I appreciate that.

Cool Badges, mate! ;)

really nice job :)

Thanks guys!

very clean & nice work.. :)

This set rocks! i really like the crown. Are any other icons included or can you direct me to a site where I can choose others? If so, you can count on my purchase.

Hi… Thanks for the kind words. What you see on the preview image is exactly what you get in the download. For more icons you can always check out!

I just bought the set. It’s stunning. Thank you very much.

Quick question for you. Do you have any plan to release an update which includes layered PSD format?

I am asking because I don’t have any clue about illustrator.

Thanks! Good suggestion. I will definitely consider doing a PSD version for the future.

i would like to purchase these awesome labels but i don’t think i can edit them in CS3 ?

btw, like ‘seven3seven’ asked, i too would like this set offered in PSD format because i only have CS3 . :)

Thanks for the feedback… I plan to do a PSD version in the very near future.

It would definitely be helpful if we could get this in PSD as well with the set.

I’m working on a separate set of badges with PS vector shapes. They will include colors and a texture layer. They’ll be up within the next week or so.

Any chance of that PSD coming soon? I’m an idiot & just bought this thinking I could use Photoshop but can’t. Cheers:)

Followed the link for fonts. Some of them seem broken (there was a warning when installing them on my mac, latest OS). AI did not want to open them, which is to bad since my favorite logo therefore had the wrong font.

The links are broken, or the font files? Which fonts did you have trouble with?

The font files for

ChunkFive LeagueGothic

There were more fonts that reported errors when installing, but they seem to work in AI.

I’m sure I can find new (free) files somewhere else, I just haven’t had time to look.

Email me, and I’ll send you the fonts I have installed. It’s worth a shot. Maybe that will work on your end.

so just so i have this right, none of the “vintage style badges and logos” can be used as actual logos? not sure if the license agreement has confused me or..?

What line in the agreement has confused you? I was under the impression that they could be used as logos.

11. just threw me off a little bit, I was thinking why would it be labeled “logos” if we can’t use them that way…but thanks for clarifying

good work, 5 stars!

Glad I read this thread… Purchased the EPS had to buy the PSD 2 minutes later! lol