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This is sweet man. You’re the best.

Haha, thanks man!

great presentation theme! keep on!

Thank you Krafti!

Can this be used in the iPad version of Keynote?

Ouch, sorry for my late response, missed you message, this has to work in the ipad version too. Cheers, Steve

Super easy to use and beautiful transitions

Thanks Stuart! I appreciate you comment!

Great and complete Job :)

Thanks Pixwell! :)

Hey! I’ve used the design on a project and I just opened my powerpoint recently and it seems like the file is destroyed. I went ahead and re-downloaded it and the file is still destroyed (its saying it doesn’t recognize any of the fonts, most of which I don’t think the file ever used and there are yellow lines all over the image). I have a project presentation today so not too happy I’m having to completely recreate it… I have no idea why this is happening.. pretty bummed

Hmm thats sounds weird man.. Please pm me your emailaddress so i can send you the file from my computer…

Will this work with Keynote 6.0?

Hmm, i’m not sure, i have a family weekend atm somewhere so i cant jump behind my computer. I can sent you 1 page of the Vinto keynote theme so you can give it a try… Pm me your email address if youre interested.. Cheers and have a nice weekend! Steve

How come the first slide will not automatically start playing like the others? I have to click once in order for the presentation to show the first slide.

Hi jhoff3, because the first object (image) build order is set to ‘start build on click’, in the Keynote Build panel select the first object (1) and change ‘start build on click’ to ‘start build after transition’. Now it automatically starts without clicking.

Nice looking design, but it has not been updated for Keynote 13 and there are no Master Slides, just a bunch of blank slides with all the designs and elements placed on the page. Also all of the slides are setup for widescreen as opposed the standard 4:3 slide size.

If you are accustomed to using Keynote’s build in themes or anything from the KeynotePro or KeynoteZone I would proceed with caution, this is amateurism is comparison at best.

I am not photoshop friendly, but I am sure that it is easy to use, I am waiting for a support e-mail right now, hope to get it soon :)

Hi Kati, I believe we resolved your issue :)

I edited the PSD files, how can i get them into Keynote? I did it but it imports as a whole image….. i need each piece to do its specific transitions.

Hey Steve, love this look. Just purchased it, but the email to download the file has not come yet. No people to talk to. Put in a ticket. On a deadline. Any advice? Thanks

Hi Knothaft,

weird, your name doesn’t show you purchased this template. It should be available in your downloads. Can you show me a screenshot of a receipt or something…

Best Regards, Steve

Hi, how do i replace the pictures at the first 4 small black boxes at the first slide? Please reply urgently, thanks

Hi Adam,

My apologies for the late response, I just came back from a short holiday.

You are able to add an image into one of the boxes by selecting and double clicking a box. Go to the Style tab in the right sidebar and change Fill from color to image by using the dropdown menu. Select your image and your image appears masked in the box.

Good luck with your Keynote Adam!

Best Regards, Steve van Dijk