Virus Attack Game Assets

Virus Attack Game Assets


This Graphic Pack is used in Snake Attack
You can try the game here

What Will You Get?

Sources Folder containing:

  • Death Particle(.aep)
  • Death Particle_v0 to Death Particle_v3(.aep)

  • Vectors (.ai)

  • Boss_0 to Boss_3 Sprite (.psd)
  • Pill Sprite (.psd)
  • Virus Attack Layered (.psd)
  • Virus_0 Sprite to Virus_3 Sprite (.psd)

  • Boss_0 to Boss_3 Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Pill Animation Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Virus_0 to Virus_3 Sprites Sequence (.png)

  • Boss Animations (.fla)
  • Character Animatios (.fla)

  • Cover to Cover_4 (.jpg)
  • Image to Image_4 (.jpg)

  • Boss Animations (.swf)
  • Character Animations (.swf)

Sprites Folder containing:

  • Background Game (.jpg)
  • Brackground Menu (.jpg)
  • Cover 0 to Cover 4(.jpg)
  • Game Screen Reference (.jpg)
  • Image_0 to Image_4 (.jpg)

  • Audio Icon(.png)
  • Background Help(.png)
  • Boss Spritesheet(.png)
  • Boss_0 to Boss_3 (.png)
  • Button Exit (.png)
  • Button Info (.png)
  • Button Level (.png)
  • Button Next (.png)
  • Button Play (.png)
  • Button Restart (.png)
  • Button Yes (.png)
  • Credits Panel (.png)
  • Frame Cover (.png)
  • Game Over Box (.png)
  • Intro Level Box (.png)
  • Life (.png)
  • Next Level Box (.png)
  • Next Level Box Hero (.png)
  • Percentage Box (.png)
  • Percentage Fill_0 to Percentage_fill_4 (.png)
  • Pill Sprite Sheet (.png)
  • Virus_0 to Virus_3 (.png)
  • Star (.png)

Adobe Creator Sofware Used: CS6

The font used is

  • Walibi
    You can download it here

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