Massive Multipurpose PowerPoint Template Bundle - 2021 FREE UPDATES

Massive Multipurpose PowerPoint Template Bundle - 2021 FREE UPDATES

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Massive Multipurpose PowerPoint Template Bundle - 2021 FREE UPDATES - Business PowerPoint Templates

Latest Version: 3.0.3 – Read What’s New
Warna Slides 3.0 Ready

Warna Slides – The World’s First Multi-Purpose PowerPoint Template!

The presentation template that does it all.

The future is here! Discover the Warna Slides, the best PowerPoint presentation maker and the most customizable PowerPoint template in the market today.

Mix and match from over 4,700 professionally designed slides on the fly. Experience unbelievable flexibility & power that allows you to create something beautifully tailored to your needs all with minimal effort.

Best for any business, pitch presentation, marketing, creative agency, business proposal, photography, resumes, product catalog presentation and more!

Unique & Powerful Ecosystem


1. Warna Framework 3.0

What is Warna Framework?

All templates from Warna Slides are designed in a specially designed framework. With Warna framework, you can move your project from one theme to another easily due to auto adapt function. All you have to do is copy and paste. This function applies to all templates by Warna Slides.

Learn more (Video Tutorial Included) ➜


2. Change Presentation Color Scheme & Typeface

Change the color of your presentation with just one click. If you don’t like the colors of a particular theme, it’s easy to apply new theme colors; everything else about the theme will remain unchanged. You also can easily change your presentation typeface with fonts that fit your project.

Learn more (Video Tutorial Included) ➜



3. Change Icons, Easily

One of the things that often happens when changing icons is that animations will erase and complicate the situation. Warna Slides will not let that happen again!

Learn more (Video Tutorial Included) ➜


4. Multiple Slide Titles

Make your presentations more dynamic and save you time with just one click, you can change your title to left, right, center, or hide all slide titles. Note: Slide title designs vary from theme to theme.

Learn more about Warna Slides ➜


5. Turn On/Off Slide Elements

Easily turn on/off slide numbers, date, time, slide footer. Make it easier for your audience to see your presentation.  Ideal for your project that requires more information and better structure. You also can hide slide title and subtitle. Warna Framework gives you more control over your templates.

Learn more (Video Tutorial Included) ➜


110+ Warna Themes For Your Project

Warna Slides includes over 100 themes for you to use on your project. Choose the right theme for your project or your client. With auto adapt, you can easily move your project to another theme!

Learn more (Video Tutorial Included) ➜

Over 9,900+ Icons to Use



  • 4,700+ Unique Slides – New Update!
  • 54 Categories
  • Copy & Paste – Auto Adapt – Learn More Here!
  • 100+ Warna Themes
  • Animated Slides
  • 9,900+ Beautiful Icons – Learn how to use our Colorful icons
  • Various Color Schemes (700+)
  • A Wide Selection of Fonts (50+)
  • 1-Click Color & Font Change
  • Instant Background Color
  • Multiple Slide Titles
  • On/Off Slide Elements (Date & Time, Footer, Slide Number and more)
  • Editable Charts in Excel
  • 100% Fully Editable Template
  • Video Tutorial Available
  • Free Font Used
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Free Lifetime Updates – Regularly Update Since 2017

Deck Categories (Warna 3.0):

Essential Deck

Graphs & Charts

Diagrams Deck

Shapes & Graphics

Infographic Deck

Creative Deck

eCommerce Deck

Typography Deck

100+ Theme Styles:

  1. Astute - Watch Here
  2. Bold Agency - Watch Here
  3. Celegram - Watch Here
  4. Discover - Watch Here
  5. Gradyent - Watch Here
  6. Mid High - Watch Here
  7. Superbiz - Watch Here
  8. Bold Design - Watch Here
  9. Biz Story - Watch Here
  10. Sporty - Watch Here

9,900+ Beautiful Icons:

  1. Basic Icons
  2. Roundies Icons
  3. Flat Icons
  4. Filled Outline Icons
  5. Gradient Icons - NEW
  6. Gradient Icons (Round)NEW
  7. Detailed Outline IconsNEW
  8. Flat Icons (Round)NEW
  9. Banners IllustrationNEW
  10. Coming Soon!

What’s In the Zip:

  1. Warna Assets (Icons, XML Files)
  2. Warna Themes – PPTX
  3. Warna Standard Deck – PPTX
  4. Help File – PDF

Tutorial List:

1. World’s first multi-purpose PowerPoint template, are you sure?

Yes. After studying the PowerPoint presentation market, no one sells what we sell.
  • Other Sellers: 1 product, 1 price, 1 style
  • Bundle Sellers: Multiple products, 1 price, various styles.
  • Warna Slides 3.0: 1 product, 1 price, various styles (with theme auto adapt)

2. I am new to this type of template, how difficult is it to use this product?

Good question, this is a new way to use PowerPoint template. It’s very easy to use for anyone, whether you are a new PowerPoint user or an experienced user, you just need to copy and paste!

3. Copy & paste only?

Yes, you have to copy and paste. That’s how our products work! Easy and simple to use. You can copy and paste from ‘Theme A’ to ‘Theme B’ to ‘Theme C’ or copy and paste back to Core Slides. You can delete the default theme’s front page and replace it with another theme’s front page.

Content like fonts and colors will automatically adapt to your theme.

4. How to start my presentation project?

  1. Choose the theme you want to use for your presentation project.
  2. Open your ‘core slides’ file.
  3. Copy the slide you want to use.
  4. Paste it into your project.
Content like fonts and colors will automatically adapt to your theme.

5. I like this template, but I do not like the color scheme. Can I change it to another color?

You can change your color scheme at any time.
  1. Go to Design > Variants > Colors
  2. Change to the color you want to use for your project
You can also request and recommend a new color scheme to us.

6. Your font looks a bit small and thin in the preview, can I change to a thicker and bigger font?

Yes. We have 40 fonts options. 20 thin/minimal and 20 fat/normal size. We will add more option later. You can request or suggest a new font to us.

7. There are no color and font options in my PowerPoint. Why?

You need to install our color scheme and font options first before you can use it. (Read help file)

8. I can not edit my PowerPoint, what is happening?

You may not be able to edit some of the elements because they need to be done from Slide Master.

9. After copying and pasting, my slide title is broken (A), what should I do?

Don’t panic, click the ‘reset’ button to solve your problem.

10. I have my own font icon, can I use my icon instead of what’s provided?

Of course! You just need to copy your icon and paste it into the placeholder. If your icon overlaps with the original icon (image), make sure you change ‘Format Shape…’ to ‘No Fill’ to remove our default icon.

11. Do I need PowerPoint to use your slide?

Yes, you need PowerPoint 2007 (minimum) to be able to open PPTX format. If you don’t have PowerPoint, we recommend you to download here.

12. I’m an Apple Mac user, can I use Warna Slides?

Of course! You just need to download Microsoft Office PowerPoint (Mac) to use it.

Download Microsoft PowerPoint Here

13. Image included?

Unfortunately not. You can contact us or you can download free commercial license stock images from or

Note: Due to too many new slides, we can not display all screenshots and it takes some time to set up the preview.

What’s New

V3.0.3 – (11/05/2020)

V3.0.2 – (26/02/2020)

  • Now 4,000+ Slides Ready To Use!
  • New Category – Demographic
  • Added – 75 Demographic Slides

V3.0.1 – (12/02/2020)

  • Now 3,900+ Slides Ready To Use!
  • Various new slides are added to the new category
  • Rearrange and rename several slide decks
  • New categories added
New categories

V3.0 – (13/01/2020)

These are things that have been improved and added to Warna 3.0

  • New Warna Framework 3.0 (more flexible & more control)
  • New extra slide title
  • New media slide master (video content)
  • New set of color scheme and color improvements (Now over 700 color schemes)
  • New set of typeface and font settings improvements
  • New global logo setting (see tutorial)
  • Improvements to all presentation themes
  • 19 themes have undergone major changes to avoid having the same style as previous themes.
  • Improvements to instant background color options
  • Improvements to custom slides
  • Reorganize and rename some of our existing slides, themes and assets
  • Warna 2.0 discontinued – No new updates will be provided.

Migrate your project to 3.0

All decks and themes have received the 3.0 update. To avoid any problems, you need to use all the decks and themes from version 3.0. You can remove version 2.0 from your computer. (See tutorial here) You do not need to remove other assets such as icons.

Update Your XML Files

We recommend deleting all the old Font/Color XML files and replacing them with new ones to avoid any unwanted issues.

The layout of the themes below has been completely changed

Previews will be updated in the future as soon as possible.

V2.2.5 – (07/11/2019)

V2.2.4 – (12/08/2019)

V2.2.3 – (14/07/2019)

V2.2.2 – (13/05/2019)

  • Now 3,400+ Slides Ready To Use!
  • New: Category – Agenda Slides
  • Added: 40+ Agenda slides added
  • Fixed: Fix missing animation in Solution/Ideas

V2.2.1 – (22/04/2019)

V2.2.0 – (08/04/2019)

V2.1.9 – (01/04/2019)

V2.1.8 – (22/03/2019)

V2.1.7 – (15/03/2019)

V2.1.6 – (11/03/2019)

V2.1.5 – (07/03/2019)

V2.1.4 – (01/03/2019)

  • Now 2,800+ Slides Ready To Use!
  • Added: 20+ Tables slides (Custom Table)
  • Added: 100+ Timeline Slides (Single & Multi-Page Slides)
  • Fixed: Some typography, alignment & color consistency issues

V2.1.3 – (18/02/2019)

V2.1.2 – (13/02/2019)

  • Added: 100 New Themes – Now Available on GraphicRiver
  • Added: 9,500+ Icons (PNG)
  • Added: 17 Services slides

V2.1.1 – (01/02/2019)

  • Now Available on GraphicRiver

V2.1.0 – (26/01/2019)

  • New CategoryFunnels
  • Added: 162 Funnel Diagram slides

V2.0.3 – (10/11/2018)

  • Change: Most of the diagrams in category W07A – 3 Steps (A) until W12A – 8 Steps (A) have been changed. Please make a copy if you still want to use the old diagrams.

V2.0.2 – (13/09/2018)

  • Improvements to themes from 0056 – 0114 in terms of layout, typography and default color. If you use one of the themes from 0056-0114, you can move to a new one by simply copying and pasting.

V2.0.1 – (04/09/2018)

  • New: 55 New Colors The XML file for the color has been renamed to make it easier to update in the future. You need to remove all installed XML color files and replace them with new ones.
  • Fix some slides inside the Table category (Dark Background)
  • Improvements on various slides in other categories.
  • Improvements to themes from 0006 – 0055 in terms of layout, typography and default color. If you use one of the themes from 0006-0055, you can move to a new one by simply copying and pasting.

V2.0 – (23/08/2018)

  • Warna Slides V1.0 Discontinued
  • New: Animated Slides
  • New: Icon Format (PNG)
  • New: Image Placeholder
  • New: Easy Instant Color Change
  • New: Custom Slide (For Intermediate User)
  • New: slides in various categories
  • Remove: Dark Background Color (XML Files)
If you have any issues with the new template, please contact us for free support.
V1.2.2 – (07/01/2018)
  • New: 7 new themes
V1.2.1 – (16/12/2017)
  • New: About Me
  • Added: 40 new slides in CS About Me
  • Added: New slides in CS Charts & Graphs
V1.2.0 – (6/12/2017)
  • New: Table Category
  • Added: 22 new slides in CS Table
V1.1.9 – (2/12/2017)
  • Added: 26 new slides in CS Services
  • Added: 20 new slides in CS Pricing Table
V1.1.8 – (30/11/2017) – 2,000+ Slides
  • Added: 134 new slides in CS Portfolio
V1.1.7 – (22/11/2017)
  • Added: 25 new slides in CS Team
V1.1.6 – (20/11/2017) – 1,900+ Slides
- Added: 100 new slides in CS Profile - Moved: Pictorial category in to Profile
V1.1.5 – (18/11/2017)
  • Added: 50 new slides in CS Profile
V1.1.4 – (13/11/2017)
  • Added: 40 new slides in CS Contact Information
V1.1.3 – (12/11/2017)
  • Added: 33 new slides in CS SWOT Analysis
V1.1.2 – (30/10/2017)
  • Added: 2 new slides in CS 3, 4, 5 steps
  • Added: 8 new slides in CS Pros & Cons
V1.1.1 – (22/10/2017)
  • New: 2 new themes
V1.1.0 – (15/10/2017)
  • New: 6 new themes (Total 105 themes)
  • Added: New colors and fonts
V1.0.9 – (8/10/2017)
  • New: Call To Action Category
  • Added: 20 CS Call To Action
V1.0.8 – (1/10/2017)
  • New: 3 New Themes
V1.0.7 – (30/9/2017)
  • Added: 17 CS Devices
  • Added: 21 CS Timeline
V1.0.6 – (27/9/2017)
  • New: 4 new themes
V1.0.5 – (24/9/2017)
  • New: 17 New themes
  • Added: 50+ CS Profile Page (Skills)
  • Added: 20 Gradient Slides for CS Numbers
  • Added: 13 Gradient Slides for CS Graphs & Charts
V1.0.4 – (18/9/2017)
  • New: 5 New themes
  • New: Cloud Storage Download
  • Added: 22 new CS Services
  • Added: 4 new CS 3, 4 & 5-Step Process
V1.0.3 – (2/9/2017)
  • Added: 10 new CS Team Page
  • Added: 50+ new CS 3 Steps
  • Added: 50+ new CS 4-Steps
  • Added: 50+ new CS 5-Steps
  • Added: 10 new CS 6-Steps
  • Added: 3 typography styles
V1.0.2 – (27/8/2017)
  • New: New Category Added – CS Pictorial Content
  • New: 49 slides added in CS Pictorial Content
  • Added: 4 new CS Front Page
V1.0.1 – (25/8/2017)
  • New: 15 new themes
  • New: 4 font options XML
  • Fixed: Core Slides (CS) color correction
  • Fixed: CS Team Page subtitle not in place
V1.0 – Initial Release (23/8/2017)
  • 1,100+ Core Slides
  • 55 Warna Themes
  • 252 Color Schemes
  • 40 Font Options
  • and more!

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