Support for Water Scatter Photoshop Action

Support for Water Scatter Photoshop Action

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PSDSQuare frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In this page, you will find recommendations and answers designed to ensure proper use of PSDSquare actions.

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Primary reasons to choose PSDSquare actions

Do not waste time.

Your work is secured regarding tools thanks to Actions for Photoshop. You can achieve splendid effects in matters of minutes. With basic knowledge and some clicks, you can impress anyone by applying transformations to images and objects. It will give anyone the impression of hours and hours of work.

Video tutorial to guide at every step.

How to configure, how to make the necessary adjustments to improve the expected result, what actions and how to take them, among others. All these options are within the series of detailed tutorials that you can find in PSDSquare help page, in them, you will see the step by step of each recommended action.

No need to be a pro in technical knowledge.

The actions of PSDSquare are simple for any user but never affect the quality of the work. You will always get professional results. No matter if you are starting in Photoshop, or you are already a professional with the application, the actions are the most suitable tool for the work you do. You do not need to be an expert in photography or altering images. PSDSquare is here to simplify everything.

Top notch and excellent quality output.

By developing and executing my jobs using our actions, quality is what matters most. The application is always designed to get impressive results. I can make use of different tools of very high quality, brushes, and textures that are not like the traditional ones and that will allow reaching outcomes never expected.

Personal accompaniment.

I firmly believe that it is necessary to carry out a permanent accompaniment until you have solved your problem and in general any doubt and concern that may arise. My contact with you will start as soon as you receive your communication via email.

Before you can use an action from, you must read the following recommendations

It is always better with high-quality photos.

Use our photoshop actions on photos that have great quality, you will always get better results, since when using photos of low quality, you will not have so much versatility when using the tool.

You can get them to be 2500px x 3500px pixels on an axis would be much better. It is not that you cannot improve the photos of lower resolution, it simply will not be a very good result, this is ensured with the high-quality photos.Now, if you have a photo of fewer than 1500 pixels you can increase its resolution by going to Image / Image Size, once there, change the values of width and height, or one of them as necessary.

Avoid images that are too dark or have too much exposure to light.

Make sure the images have a normal illumination, so you can adjust the brightness and contrast in almost all the actions that I recommend and that you can find in the video tutorial on the YouTube channel of PSDSquare. This works best after you’ve done the action, and will give you a better result than using images with inadequate lighting.

One of the main recommendations.

following the last point, is that you look for a video tutorial of each PSDSquare
feature, this way you will be much easier its application. Despite being very simple commands, it never hurts to know a little more about what you are going to use. Each of the Photoshop actions comes with a great guide or written help, a text that will help you to solve all the doubts that may arise; however, it will never be as fun and didactic as a video tutorial.

In the YouTube channel of PSDSquare, you can find the tutorials you need for each of the actions in a simple and concise way. Undoubtedly, this is the best way to start, you can do a detailed tour through the configuration of Photoshop, and then understand the process that each action uses towards achieving faster and better results.

Be very careful when painting an area with the brush tool.

Never do it with a brush opacity of less than 100%. In addition to this, make sure the opacity when using the brush tool if it is equal to 100%. These simple but important details will help you avoid mistakes and guide you to create a much more spectacular and striking result as these actions will be completely well configured.

Check your Photoshop settings, it may be that you experience some errors

To reset Photoshop settings, there are two options. The first is that you try directly following this sequence when you start the program: hold Alt + Ctrl + Shift for PC or Command + Option + Shift for MAC. Once the help window appears, accept and follow the steps to then restart Photoshop and execute the action.

The second option is in case the problem with this action is not solved, even by using a different photo. In this case, you must send me the original photo in PSD format that includes the “Brush” layer, with this information I will work on finding and solving the problem through the PSDSquare action help.

Configure your Photoshop to work easily with actions

Check the version of your Photoshop, it must be in English.

The actions that are included in PSDSquare action help are designed to work only with the English version of the program. If your Photoshop does not have this version you can access the program settings and switch to the English version, and you can always return to your original language. To do this, follow this method.

Activate the option “Add ‘Copy’ to Copied Layers and Groups.”

You should consider that this option is only available for the CS5 version and later to it of Photoshop. Go to the “LAYERS” panel, press the Menu button, then go to “Panel Options …” and check the activation of the function in question, if it is not, activate it.

Use 72dpi photo or higher.

The Photoshop action will not serve you in the right way as long as you use an image with less than 72 dpi. Go to Image / Image Size and then increase the resolution value, by doing this, you can solve this item.

Define the brush’s Opacity and Flow at 100%.

To do this, choose the “Brush” tool and set the opacity and flow at 100%.

The use of 8-bit color and RGB mode are recommended.

Go to Image Mode-> and check the “RGB color” and “8 bits/channel”, be sure to check these settings

FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions and solutions to common mistakes

The background, layer, object, is not currently available.

If this message emerges it is because the image you are dealing with must have a background view. To achieve you have to select the layer of the image and then click on layer > new > background. That should be enough to solve the problem.

The “layer Brush” object is not currently available.

To avoid this error, you must select the layer where the area to be treated is located and rename it with the word “Brush”, always using the first letter in capital letters.

Does PSDSquare works in Photoshop Elements?

No, it does not work there. Photoshop Elements is the lightweight version of Photoshop, its simplicity, and fewer attributes make some of the fundamental features unavailable for actions to work properly. These features like the filter just disappear or are cut. Making the association between the Photoshop actions with Photoshop Elements something impossible.

Some message is displayed that is not available. For example, the object “layer copy 2” is not available.

When this message emerges is because Photoshop cannot find the layer that is associated with this name, it is as if it was not created in advance. The error is often assumed to be an inherent flaw in Photoshop. You will have to check if the problem persists using another image. If so, you should restart the Photoshop settings, as mentioned above. In most cases, this reboot is sufficient. However, if the problem persists, you can send me the file with the PSD extension with the original image and the “Brush” layer. I will look for what is causing the error and of course, help to solve it.

It emerges the error “The stroke command is not currently available.”

To solve this problem, the first thing is to increase the resolution of the image in which it works until it reaches some pixels, anywhere on the axis, between 2500px – 3500px. Doing this is easy, direct to Image / Image and change the value in its height or in its width. If the problem persists after this or is not possible, increase the DPI of the image to 300dpi; directing to Image / Image Size and changing the total value of the resolution making it equal to 300 pixels/inch.

Photoshop action does not work well. The result is not the preview or video tutorial.

First, you have to take into account the quality of the images or photos that are being treated as well as the size of the area you are painting. It is to be ensured that if you follow the recommendations mentioned above, sticking to the size and resolution of the image and properly adjusting the brush and its thickness and opacity, the results have to be remarkable.

However, it may happen that some of the names of brushes used by Photoshop actions are the same as those that were previously installed. This will certainly cause a problem. To correct this, all existing brushes minus the standard must be removed. You can do this by going to Edit > Presets > Preset Manager; There you select the brushes and eliminate them. After doing this, you reload all the brushes from Photoshop actions.

The “Filter Gallery” command is not available

It is important for you to do not forget that all my functions are configured for an 8-bit color mode. This mentioned error can easily arise if Photoshop is set up to 16 or 32-bit color mode. Be sure to check this in the Image / Mode menu. Another possible cause for this error is that you are using a Photoshop portable version. Photoshop Actions will not work correctly on these versions, you must have the program complete and installed.

The command “Make” is not available

This error appears when the basic settings of your Photoshop are wrong, this implies that you must restart it and make the settings correctly, as shown above. In case this action does not work, you must execute the action you need with another photo, maybe that will work. Now, if the error persists, send me an email with the necessary information (PSD file with the “Brush” layer and the photo to modify). With this, I can help you find the error and repair it until the action is complete.

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