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Web Elements

Clean Web Elements User Guides

Introduction “Clean Web Elements” is a clean and modern style design, suitable for any Business or Marketing web-sites, web application and/or desktop applications.

Overall Details

All the PSD files have a very well organized layer structure that is very easy to use and customize. Moreover, 99% of the layers are in Photoshop Vector Shape format, yet again, easy to customize, scale, color modifications etc.

What the Archive Contains

  • The main PSD source file is splitted into 4 smaller PSD files for the weak/old computers
  • “CleanWebElements.psd” contains all the elements

“CleanWebElements_Pack1.psd” contains:

  • Horizontal Menu (2 styles)
  • Buttons (4 styles + icons for Large buttons)
  • Scrollbars (11 styles)
  • Drop_Downs (text fields, dropdown combo box, date chooser combo box)
  • RadioButtons & CheckBoxes (1 shuffle style for banner image area)
  • Search_Fields (4 styles)

“CleanWebElements_Pack2.psd” contains:

  • ToolTips (4 styles)
  • PageControl_Buttons (2 styles)
  • Progress Bar (4 styles + 4 Pin styles for progress info)
  • VerticalMenu
  • Frame_Icons (11 usefull icon set for modules)
  • Modules (3 styles)

“CleanWebElements_Pack3.psd” contains:

  • Tab_Control (4 styles)
  • Facets_Control
  • Grid_Control
  • Web_text_Editor

“CleanWebElements_Pack4.psd” contains:

  • ArrowSteps/BreadCrumbs
  • Messages (3 styles)
  • Video_Player (added more buttons usefull buttons)
  • Calendar