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The PSD file is complicated structured and could be organised a lot easier. These are indeed not some customizable bricks for building own ribbons, instead these are a lot compiled ribbons, which are hard to customize in a bloated file. To cite duvys:

in the amount of time it takes to separate one element, i could have just made my own from scratch.
Very disappointing.

I’m really sorry to “hear” this marrac. But like I have explained this in the past to other people that bought this, just leave the layer named “background” and just don’t use it. That is a directory that contents some dummy layers that you can’t use them at all. I will update the file for sure very soon.

Thank you for understandings!

Hi there. I agree with the above comments that it’s hard to separate the exact design you’re looking for, but at least I seem to have done this.

I am however having a problem with coloring. The color I want to use (my site’s theme color) is #ef7f25. When I apply this color to the central flat portion, it colors fine. But if I apply this color to the folds or tips, the end color is very very dark, and I can’t make it brighter to match the color of the central flat portion.

It seems to me that the design works only for very dark colors. Is there a way around this ?

I’m really hoping that you can solve this issue for me, otherwise I’ve just wasted $5 and my time :/

My email is ahmadka dot com in case you wish to contact me directly.

Hello ahmadka. Yes, we are aware of that and we will definitely resolve the issue on the next patch (we expect within two weeks for the fix). Thank you for the feedback.