Web Ui Kit - Stone ICE Ultimate

Web Ui Kit - Stone ICE Ultimate

Stone ICE Ultimate

Stone ice ultimate is a premium web ui kit packed with approximately all the ui elements you need to develop a web application, a web site or an admin UI. Its clear and stylish giving your web user interface a unique ultimate attractiveness and clarity for the information. Very much suitable for an admin panel…


  • 99% Vector shapes crafted with layer styles
  • 72 ppi web ready
  • Highly organized and layered pas file
  • Easy to customize
  • Free fonts used
  • Hover and press states included
  • Bonus included


  • Download and upload buttons
  • Rounded and rectangular buttons
  • Circular buttons
  • More than 10 sliders and range selectors
  • Switches
  • Radio buttons and check boxes
  • Scroll bars
  • Pagination and slider controllers
  • Tool tips
  • Message boxes
  • Notifications
  • Password meter
  • Search boxes
  • Text boxes with different states
  • Wizard step indicators
  • Numeric up down counters
  • Calendar
  • Menu bar with drop down menus
  • User name suggestion list


  • Layer styles file with some useful layer styles for your own quality ui packs
  • Custom shapes with 200+ glyph icons
  • Special note

    hover states, press states and other duplicate-able items such as duplicates of pagination buttons and drop down menu items are included in the preview purpose folder as they are just for preview purpose and all the elements can be duplicated and use as the modular directories contain layers or sub directories for their own response states.

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