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I really like this…it got the HTML running faster in my veins!!! Bookmarked!!!

Thanks! We hope you find it usefull.

Brilliant item

Thanks kamarashev.

Great Mock’up!

Thanks for the support Hertzel!

Five stars added, great thanks! :winktongue:

Your feedback means a lot for us. Thanks miroslavzv!

pre-sales ?ltion. does this mock up include instructions? I’m not a graphic designer thus the reason I’m here @ graphicriver. I can use this, I just need instructions. I have CS5 .

Yes, tthome.

We try to make it easy. Inside the pack there is a simple “how to” file.

You must have Photoshop CS5 installed and follow the steps.

If you still have any problems for the edit, feel free to contact us: texturemambo@hotmail.com or trough den.


Very useful file!

Thanks mate!

Hi, just wanted to say “wow!” Fantastic file. Looks great and is super easy to use as well. Have rated it 5 stars. Top marks!

Thanks knight42! We really appreciate your support.

Best regards.

Must have CS5 ? Won’t work with 4?

I have not tried in CS4 , but I’m almost sure that smart objects perspective will work fine (http://adobe.ly/OMXz9). The problem was in CS3 .

Send me a mail if youy want to try a demo of the mockup before purchasing. (texturemambo@hotmail.com)


Thanks…it seems to work OK with 4. Appreciate the fast response – and I’ll remember to read the description first next time :)

It’s nice to hear that,

Best regards Onewake.

This is an amazing item, now i can display all of my websites in style. Thank you! Super easy to use.

Thanks for the support, myleskedrowski.

Just bought this item. Love the design, but when I resize the image to let’s say 900px the blur effect get messed up :( so I can’t use this file.

Hi puregraphx,

You can use the file at the wahtever size you want. If you resize the browsers you only have to edit the reflection mask.

You have to expand the black part of the mask to the very bottom. For this you can select the “reflex” folder Mask, and fill the half bottom side of the mask with a gradient from white to black.

Another option is to combine all three browsers and the reflection folders at the original size (select “your images” & “reflex” folder /right click ->combine layer) , and then resize them. After that you can delete the undesired part.

Hope this solves your problems. Feel free to contact us via mail if you still have troubles with the edit,


The problem is that at a width of 900px, the blur of 6px is far too much. In the mean time I’ve found a decent setting between 1 and 2.

We thought it was another kind of problem.

Yeap! at 900px wide 1.7 blur works fantastic.

Have a great design day!

This theme is a pleasure to use. Working with it today and it’s just so easy and well thought out. It’s rare to find a theme with such kick-ass functionality and cutting-edge design values. Awesome work, thank you.

We are really pleased about your comment, velocity_uk.

Big thanks,


Can I change the website picture instead of using the preview one?

With a few tweaks you can the browser UI. But unfortunately, for now, you can change only the picture. Thanks!