Discussion on White Paper 32 Pages

Discussion on White Paper 32 Pages

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where can I find and buy that globe graphic?

Hello, the included globe picture is made by me and cannot be found anywhere else. Location of eps file is “Icons EPS/Cover_White.eps”. You can find something similar on Shutterstock – try “Vector, Globe, Wireframe” keywords.


Hello, presale questions: are the graphics editable, like the chart is there a generator included? or it’s plain vector? Thank you

Hello, InDesign – plain vector, Word —charts pasted from Excel, it’s possible to edit data (in 99%, Word is quite capricious app, see Help file for support). The better way is to make your own charts in Excel and copy/paste them into Word or export them as pdf and place into InDesign.

Thanks for the tip, I will make the purchase shortly. Thank you:)

Hi can I import to Google docs?

Hello, no, you cannot. It imports incorrectly.

Denis, Great template first of all. I have a request. Are you able to support us mac users who would like to use your template in Pages? Word is not user friendly and InDesign is VERY expensive to use.

Thank you

Hello, can’t set the exact date, but I do have plans to make Pages version (not shure that it supports all the features of the template, have to spend some time to discover all the Pages features, I’m new to that app). Thank you for you comment!

Hello Denis. Just purchased your template and it’s great. How do I see the text and graphics you show on each page in the item details mockups? Thank you!

Hello! I don’t get the question ) What do you mean? (you can write to


Grek Purchased

Hello Denis, good work with the template. Quick question: how can I reorganize page order, or incorporate a new page in-between 2 existing pages? Thanks

Hello, thank you for the purchase. Quick answer (you are using Word I suppose): click at the end of text on page and press “Insert-Blank Page” in Word menu. Reorganizing is a bit more complex: select all on page (by placing mouse on left side outside the page), copy, insert new page to needed place and paste. If it doesn’t help write me to and I’ll send you more detailed instructions.