Winter Snowflake Animation

Winter Snowflake Animation

This action will make animated snowbound winter landscapes from your summer photos. Also you can save the result as jpeg or video.

How to install:
1. Open Winter Snowflake Animation.atn in Photoshop by double-click or use ‘Load actions’ menu item in Actions window
2. Open snowflakes.pat in Photoshop by double-click or go to menu Edit -> Presets -> Preset Manager, select Patterns in ‘Preset Type’ dropdown and click ‘Load’ button

How to use:
1. Open image in photoshop
2. Run the action
3. Enjoy the result!

How to save GIF-animation:
• Photoshop CC: Go to File -> Export -> Save for web. Use ‘Looping Options’ as ‘Forever’
• Photoshop CS6 Extended: Go to File -> Save for web

How to export video:
Photoshop CC and CS6 Extended: Go to File -> Export -> Render Video

Important! Before you can use this action make sure:
• Minimal version of Photoshop is CS6 Extended.
• Checkbox “Add ‘copy’ to Copied Layers and Groups” is cheched in Layers Panel Options window.
• Your photo contains Background layer
• The action has been tested on Photoshop (English versions) CC 2015 and CS6 Extended.

• Winter Snowflake Animation.atn
• snowflakes.pat
• readme.html

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