Winter Tree Theme - Business Card and Gift Card

Winter Tree Theme - Business Card and Gift Card

The Winter Tree Theme – Surrounded by Quiet…

YTUNITY Double Viewpoint Business or Gift Card by Drekinn

Short Description

The Winter Tree Theme is one of the YTUNITY Double Viewpoint Card Series. This theme is ideal to be displayed as a business card for example an artist, psychologist, or any specialist who’s work is connecting to the psyche – where peace, calm and silence are really important notions. Life is a real gift – it can be reflected by the gift box, but with gift box the card can be displayed as a seasonal Christmas business card (if you use the card with the gift box in winter time, but without gift box on the other parts of the year). This card can be used as a gift card too.

  • Features: Business Card or Gift Card
  • Colors: Light blue, light pink, blue, red + white/grayscale
  • Size with bleed: 2.25’’ x 3.75’’ (~ 57 mm x 95 mm)
  • Size of end product: 2’’ x 3.5’’ (~ 51 mm x 89 mm)
  • Format: Fully layered, 300 ppi CMYK PSD with well-organized groups and easy color-management
  • Based on GraphicRiver Business Card Template: Color Mode, Color Profile, Size, Trim Mark, Bleed, Margin etc. used by defaults of this template: Graphic River Business Card Template
  • Included elements:
    • 2 vector smart object trees
    • 10 vector smart object gift box (pink, cyan, red, blue, gray from two viewpoint)
  • Fonts: Lovers Quarrel (Open font from Google Webfonts) & Comfortaa (Open Font from Font Squirrel)
  • Texts: editable sample texts with 3 options:
    • 1 name + 1 information (for example e-mail / phone number / adress / or url) with 4+1 color schemes
    • 1 name + more information (so more text, aligned and styled to be good look) with 4+1 color schemes
    • Gift card text with 4+1 color schemes (fitting to the gift boxes)
  • Adaptable Phrases/slogans: Surrounded by quiet / A Color Spot Surrounded by Quiet (With the pink / cyan / red or blue gift box)

Winter Tree Theme Presentation

For more images visit my Behance presentation:
The Winter Tree Theme – YTUNITY Double Viewpoint Card /// Edit Hodásziné

Detailed description

YTUNITY Double Viewpoint Card Series – Introduction

The uniqueness of the series is guaranteed by the double perspective: we look a scene from two viewpoint – one if we look the front side of the card, and another one if we look the back side of the card. The actual scene always have some message, which can be pronounced at the time of handover, written on the printed material, or of course it can be discarded and substituted with your own message.

Scene of the Winter Tree Theme

It’s winter. It’s quiet. Trees stands strongly in the middle of the frosty and bare winter land, surrounded by the endless stillness. They are waiting for spring with boundless patience.

If we look the front side of the card, we can see a tree in the foreground, and another one far away. Next to the root of the tree closer to us, a gift box appears half-absorbed in the snow – a color spot surrounded by whiteness. But who put it there? Who’s out there at this time, in this abandoned land?

Back side shows the same scene from another perspective… maybe this is the perspective of the mysterious person who brought the gift box?... It’s up to you how you interpret the scene, but quiet, patience and mystery are constant elements of it.

Included files and elements:

  • Winter_Tree_Theme.psd – fully layered and editable, for example:
    • Trees – 2 separated vector smart objects with layer styles – you can edit, tint, duplicate or turn off visibility of them
    • Gift boxes – they are also vector smart objects – you can edit, tint and duplicate them – in this way for example you can use not just one but more gift boxes in the same layout
  • Winter_Tree_Theme.tif – for long-term of conservation; contains the same layers as the psd file
  • Winter_Tree_Theme_description.pdf – a detailed introduction of the work, guidelines of how-to-use (introduction of layers, groups and color management), and some advice about customisation


Have you got a double viewpoint concept?

If as a designer you have your own concept to apply the idea of double viewpoint, and would like to show it to us and the world via YTUNITY, be our Guest Creative! About current possibilities check this page: Ytun it! · Double Viewpoint Cards · Behance

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