Wooden GUI and Game Level Map with 9 Different Worlds

Wooden GUI and Game Level Map with 9 Different Worlds

Beautiful Wooden Graphic User Interface Pack + Game Level Map with 9 Different Worlds

It’s a huge, complex gui set which will be a great fit to your mobile game!

GUI includes 12 Pre-Made Screens in .psd files:

  • Background
  • Main Menu
  • Settings
  • Daily Reward
  • Leaders
  • Shop – Coins
  • Shop – Gems
  • Shop – Lives
  • Items
  • Items – Open Item
  • Items – Open Item – Pop-Up
  • Loading Screen
  • Level Objectives
  • Level Summary – Completed
  • Level Summary – Failed

These PSD files are 100% vector, full-layered, well organised and easy to use.
Ready for high resolutions displays (like a 2048×2732px iPad’s Retina).

Assets of Wooden GUI contains:

  • 8 ATLASES (2048×2048px) with assets in .psd and transparent .png files
  • a lot types of BUTTONS
  • set of open and closed CHESTS (with coins, gems, lives)
  • dozens of ICONS
  • HUD
  • animated LOADING BAR

Loading Bar Animation

Level Map contains 9 different worlds:

  1. Green Land,
  2. Desert,
  3. Ashes (Lava/Volcano),
  4. Snow Land (Winter).
  5. Canyon,
  6. Toxic Land (Elephants’ Graveyard),
  7. Swamp,
  8. Farmland (Fields),
  9. Ravine.

Level Map key features:

  • 100% vector, editable and scalable,
  • pre-made 9 tileable, seamless, endless worlds,
  • all worlds are matching each other – you can combine them in any order,
  • prepared for high resolutions displays (like iPad Pro’s 2048×2732 px),
  • added level buttons: unlocked and locked + shiny stars,
  • great for smartphones and tablets with different display proportions,
  • ready to use instantly – no additional graphic work is needed,
  • available in file formats: PSD, transparent PNG,
  • prepared atlases 2048×2048 px with isolated objects,
  • ready to use as Level Map Creator – Design your own map!

All of the graphics are high-quality, cartoon-looking, suitable for different types of games (as match-3, puzzle solving, arcade, adventure, strategy, tower defence etc.).

Made with love and attention to detail.
It would fit your game perfectly!

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