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Great styles! ;)

cool wood styles man! :)

amizing wood styles..

Thanks guys very much! It is pleasant to me that, it is pleasant to you :bigsmile:

Very nice indeed!

impressive work :)

Exellent! Indeed it seems that this a wood! Good Luck to You! ;)

That’s coool, bro! Happy sales ;)

Thank you, come in handy =) :sunglasses:

You are welcome! Thanks for purchasing :)

Not working for me. Adobe PS CS5 , Please assist. ASL file doesn’t show up in pattern overlay and doesn’t show up in load pattern dialog box.

Tried both CS5 and CS5 Extended.

Hello! I create styles on CS5 . Patterns are delivered together with styles (In pattern overlay it is checked – link with layer). In general such problem shouldn’t be. seems it work Probably you have a problem with options which I can’t reveal without live viewing. If it a problem only with patterns. I can send you on your mail a set of patterns (.pat) with the installation instructions. Send me your mail adress from my feedback form. And I with the great pleasure will help you :)

I apologize, this works very well! Great Style!!

No problem! I am always glad to help :)

Hi, is the background image included when I buy the “Woodpecker Styles”? I mean the background in this image: – Thank you!

yes it is included. But background size 72ppi and it have edged shadow (that you see in the image) around it that is not editable.

awesome!. does it works also for shapes ?

Thank you! Sure, and for shapes too

Can you make a game ui button generator? Something like this with different depths, textures, and angles(front facing, side facing..etc), ? I would love that!!!