Wordpress Theme Manual Template

Wordpress Theme Manual Template


  • There is now a WP 3.7 and a WP 3.8 Manual
  • 3.8 manual now has an alt which uses the font Lato
  • Legacy support for .idml file extension


No theme is complete without a wordpress instructional manual that highlights wordpress core functions and any custom features.

Don’t leave your clients in the dark. Providing them with this supplemental guide to wordpress demonstrates your ability to go above and beyond your promised deliverables.

Crafted with industry best practices, you’ll be able to utilize indesign’s swatches and styles to make quick edits and adjustments.

This indesign file is prepared with over 60 pages of valuable content and includes a quick overview of almost every Wordpress feature. This document is not meant to be used as-is, but rather a loose template file that you can build onto, delete content from, and ultimatley recreate so as to tailor it specifically for your custome wordpress themes.


- 14 Chapters of wordpress overview

- 63 Total pages of usable content

- Custom designed cover and sectional dividers

- Adjustable styles and swatch controls

Fonts Used

  • Lato Regular
  • Lato Italic
  • Lato Light Italic
  • Lato Bold
  • Lato Extrabold Italic

The Lato font family is an open source font provided by Google Web Fonts. I’ve included a folder with all specimens. for more information you can check out http://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Lato

  • Ronnia Regular
  • Ronnia Italic
  • Ronnia Light Italic
  • Ronnia Bold
  • Ronnia Extrabold Italic

The Ronnia font family is a non-standard font family and will neeed to be purchased from http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/type-together/ronnia/

Files Used

  • Wordpress 3.8 Theme Manual [Premium Ronnia Font] (.indd)
  • Wordpress 3.8 Theme Manual [Lato Font] (.indd)
  • Wordpress 3.7 Theme Manual [Premium Ronnia Font] (.indd)
  • Wordpress 3.8 Theme Manual Preview (.pdf)
  • Cover Design (.psd)
  • Cover Design Preview (.png)
  • Wordpress 3.8 Theme Manual (.idml)
  • Wordpress 3.7 Theme Manual (.idml)
  • Lato Open Source Font Family (.ttf)