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Gorgeous work as always !

Appreciate your comment Thank you :)

Nice job Danny!

:) Thanks man

really awesome work mate :)

Means a lot thanks :)

Going In Danny Boy I think your Christmas Flyers are the best so far… well until.. lol most will be forgot about timing will be key for the first wave of christmas over kill your last 2 will make it though I really think your under rated But I here to say, You on your Sh*t right now.

Wow thanks so much for your comment :) Highly appreciated.. Nearly got that black paw wooo :)

Best Xmas flyer!

Thanks man

Nice text style dude ! can you share the 3D style of photshop style you use ? it looks wonderful good job 8-) thx in advance

The 3d render was made in Cinema 4D mate

creative and beautiful, great font / title effects

thanks man :)

Great looking file, how do I edit the text?

mainly with the 3d Render, or is that not possible?

Hi thank you for purchasing, the 3d render is non editable as it says in the file when purchasing that it includes a render + a text editable version. I hope this doesn’t cause any problems if you do have problems please contact me via my email

Hi, the 3d text is not editable. in the description you aren’t explicit.

Hi thanks for purchasing, unfortunately as it states “3D Title & Also editable text version” there does not include a 3d editable file just the 3d title and a text version which is editable.

Hi… so it is no very clear —-The download file contains 2 4×6 print ready .psd file 3D Title & Also editable text version of “XMAS Bash” included--

Hi sorry for the confusion but if the 3d title was editable it would say “3d title is editable” but instead it says “&” an editable text version text is not 3d as standard. thanks