Xmas Wonderland Collection Photoshop Actions

Xmas Wonderland Collection Photoshop Actions


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Discount lasts till 28th April 2017.


Xmas Wonderland is something special. I’ve never done Christmas packages before.

This special snowflake includes a complete solution with extras! This time I took it a step further, because you’re able to choose from variety of brushes and overlays to turn your images into pure magic!


There’s a total of 10 Full Workflow actions:

Frozen In Time – soft and pastel-like action with accentuated blue.

Build A Snowman – one of my favorites. It brings high contrast to the table but without damaging the image. Beautifully washes away the color and accentuates the whites.

Snowstorm – bright center, soft vignette and washed out colors with a touch of blue.

Angel’s Wings – soft and slightly hazy, gives just the right amount of light to your image.

Warm Fireplace – warm center of the image and cold edges.

Blissful Song – green, matte edges with highlighted center.

By The Mistletoe – fresh green with soft red boost and a bit of matte for the perfect finish touch.

Blue Spruce – boost of blue, looks perfect on photographs with lots of details or portraits with shallow depth of field.

Cinnamon Sprinkle – perfectly warms your images with a touch of brightness :)

Cocunut Snowflake – another one of my favorites. This action boosts the colors in the same time layering a perfect blue film over the top.


There’s a total of 14 workflow brushes included:

Coloring Brushes: these type of actions are meant to add different color to your image, don’t mistaken them for a flare. If you want to change the color of the leaves to, for example, icy blue – here you go.

Flares: beautiful beam of colorful light to give your photo some dimension and make it more appealing.

Artistic Brushes: those will add some needed snow for the perfect winter picture! Choose between Snowstorm, Delicate Snow and Heavy Snow. These are perfect if you want to add snow to the certains parts of the image without using the overlays.


5 different overlays in .jpg and 1 file in .abr containing 4 brushes.

Delicate snowflakes, heavy snowstorm or streets covered in white duvet – the choice is yours! :)

Extended documentation included

Dig into the documentation to find something special!