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Is there a chance you can add an A2 version for this in the package?

You can scale the planner from an A3 PDF up to A2 without any problems. Whoever is printing it for you should be able to do this.


When we scale to A2, the resolution does not drop?

because I’m going through a pro printer.

Thank you

As long as you export as a high resolution PDF, not a JPEG then it will be fine.

Thanks, Billy (bilmaw)

Hi, I would like to edit the ”<JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMa…>” layer, colours, layouts a little here or there….is there a way to do that? Thanks Mac

The main planner is a table so it’s editable with the text tool if you’d like to make small adjustments. The colour is editable through the swatches palette.

If you need any more detailed instructions email me on

Thanks, Billy (bilmaw)

Thanks Billy, just emailed you….

Hi, it looks great, will I be able to scale it to A0 (A zero) paper format while keeping the same quality?

It will scale just fine if exported as a PDF or other vector format.

Glad you like it. Thanks, Billy

Hi, Awesome design! Any chance of a 2015 one coming out soon?

Ignore this! I thought i was looking at the 2013 one still and meant 2014. Sorry :)

No Worries, thanks for looking.

Awsome calendar!

Any chance of a 2015 Version soon?

It’s very hard to find some 2015 calendars when you need them early …


I can certainly get you a 2015 version.

I’ll try to get it uploaded in the next few days (pending review).

Thanks, Billy (bilmaw)

Any chance of a 2015 Version soon?

Yes, I’ll be updating all my calendar templates very soon.

Thanks, for your purchase. Billy (bilmaw)

2015 version?

Update to 2015 version uploaded for review. Should be live within the next day or two.

Thanks, Billy (bilmaw)

Awesome graphice designer. Congrats on the feature. Many sales to you. Thanks

I just want to thank you again :)

When I bought this item, it contained the 2014 planner….. Recently, browsing my downloads, I saw that you updated this with the 2015 planner, which is great, it’s exactly what I need!

Great item, thanks again!

No problem, glad it’s useful to you!

Thanks for the purchase, Bill (bilmaw)

Hi again: I don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator and I do have the skills, I was wondering if you could help me with the customization of the planner (for money, of course). I need:

- logo replacement - replacement of the contact details (address, phone, email, that’s all) - replace the pink with a certain blue (I can give you the hex code) - resize it as PDF A0 size

If you are willing to do this, can I contact you in private for a quote? I can pay right now with PayPal or I can buy other items of yours in return, as you prefer. Just let me know please if you are available :) Thanks


You can contact me at with what you need and I’ll work out a price for you.

Thanks, Bill

Hi, I’m sorry to bother you but I wondered if you could provide instructions for replacing the “COMPANY NAME Logo or Slogan” – everything else appears to be an editable field except for that?

These items are on the Master Page. Open the ‘Pages’ palette and double-click the Master Page in the top section, you will then be able to edit these sections.

Thanks, Bill (bilmaw)

Great, clean work!

Thanks ;)

Could you do a 2-page A4 version of this? Six months on each side + perhaps room for branding/advertising. Something like:

Is there a 2017-18 Year Wall Planner?

Why not 2018 version? You had lots of sales from this?

Sorted – Took few mins to updat in indesign.