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Logo templates, explained

Google, Youtube, Coca-cola, Nike, Twitter... What do all of these great companies have in common? If you guessed it’s that they all have powerfully recognizable brands, then you guessed right.

A logo is a graphic mark or symbol used to identify your brand. It’s more than just a name and much more powerful than you’d expect.

A good company logo can be an extremely valuable asset for your brand for many reasons:

  • Logos make it easier to identify your specific brand in a sea of corporate giants and startup companies;
  • They instantly represent your company’s genre, purpose and mission through cleverly-designed visual properties;
  • They build customer confidence by showcasing themselves as professional, creative symbols;
  • And if designed properly, logos even have the power to draw in new customers through their exquisite charm and relatability.

So the point isn’t really whether you do or don’t need a logo—you 100% do. The point is whether your logo is good enough to achieve the results we mentioned above. And to make sure you’ve got yourself a winner, there’s much bigger thinking you need to do about branding.

A logo can make or break your business, and no: we are not exaggerating here. It can be recognized by millions of users around the world or… not so much. But don’t worry. If you’re still scratching your head in wonder you can start your journey to the perfect design with a logo template. Created by a community of talented professionals, these logos come in a variety of business genres with beautiful, vibrant colors, and creative design themes. And most importantly, they’re super simple, customizable and easy to use!

Let’s take a look at a summary of their key features:

  • Universal and diverse themes. Variety is the spice of life! And we have thousands of incredible logos for you to choose from. Take your brand to greater heights with a new and unique logo style. From abstract geometric designs, to adorable animal symbols, lock onto the theme you want by exploring the different options listed above.
  • 100% vector and 100% scalable. Say goodbye to dreaded clipart logos and uneditable JPG files! When a designer from Envato Market creates a logo in Adobe Illustrator, this means that they’ve designed with you in mind. And you can rest easy knowing that your files are ready for any printing scenario. Scale them to large sizes for massive decorative signs or shrink them down for quirky promotional materials.
  • Perfect for printing. Purchase a logo you love and send it straight to the printer! Often available in both black and white and colored versions, these logos are crafted in the standard CMYK format for professional printing.
  • Gorgeous fonts and typography. Apart from the wonderfully designed graphics and symbols, you also get gorgeous fonts that compliment your logos for a complete design package. Some authors even provide links to commercially-free fonts, making these logos even more budget-friendly.

Need help editing your new template? Then check out How to Customize Logo Templates in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.

And if you’re a little pressed for time, brush up your skills with this quick read, How to Design a Logo When You’re Short on Time.