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What should you look for in a business card template?

There are tens of thousands of business card templates in our collection. That’s a huge number! Finding the right one for you shouldn’t feel like a daunting task. So to help you out, we’ve put together a list of features and benefits for you to keep in mind as you browse through our selection looking for the template that works best for you.

Let’s start with some key features to look out for:

  • High-resolution designs optimized for printing. Business cards are created to be printed, so one of your main concerns when searching for the perfect template should definitely be print quality. But don’t stress! You’ll find that on GraphicRiver you have access to high-resolution imagery that’s been optimized for high-quality results.
  • Thousands of stylish options to choose from. When you download one of our templates, you’ll have access to a multitude of pre-made style options on top of the wide selection of themes available. So you'll have plenty of freedom to change things around and make your cards unique.
  • Well-organized layers. No need to fumble around. With well organized layers that are fully editable, you'll know you're getting business cards that can be customized easily with your logos, colors, brands, and all the details you want to add.
  • Additional help files included. At GraphicRiver we’re a judgement-free zone, and we welcome design enthusiasts from all experience levels! Our authors often include helpful documentation in case you need a little instruction on how to make the most out of your template.

So as you go on and check out our business card templates, keep in mind that this is what you should be looking to achieve:

  • It’s all about being remembered! And that’s what business cards do—they allow potential clients, employers, employees, partners and much more to remember that, well, basically—that you exist. So they’re a great thing to keep in your pocket/wallet and hand out as soon as you have a feeling that you’d want to stay in touch with the person/company you’re talking to.
  • Small as it may be, the right business card will help draw in prospective clients. Think of it like a mini flyer for your business. Someone may not need your service, or want to partner with you now. But if 6 months from now they change their mind, they’ll have your contacts available and ready to use.
  • It highlights your position within a company or your area of expertise. Never forget to add what you do in your business card. If someone reads it a while after you talked to them, they may have forgotten how you got in touch and why they were interested in you. So if your card only contains your name and phone number, it won’t be of help both to them and to you.
  • It puts your professionalism on display. Obviously first impressions are important, and design is no exception. The content of your business card will have an impact on how potential clients or employers perceive you.
  • Also, your business card illustrates your creativity. For creative professionals and agencies, it’s especially important to reflect talent and artistic skills.