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Dun, dun, da-dun! Wedding season is pretty much a year-round affair, so love is always in the air. And so are thousands of wedding invitation templates, perfect to take at least a little bit of the wedding-planning stress off your back ;) How, you ask? Check this out:

  • Wedding invitation templates are ideal for Photoshop beginners. If you need a hassle-free design without giving up on class and sophistication, these templates are perfect. Just a few clicks and you can send them off to the printer.
  • They're super easy to customize. You can drag and drop photos into the designated Smart Objects or switch out the fonts to fit your style and make the designs uniquely yours.
  • They're perfect for couples on a budget. You know that the costs of a typical wedding are, in a word: crazy. But if there's one area where you can save without losing quality, that's the invitations. So choose a template that is not only beautiful, but also budget friendly, and save the money for the honeymoon!
  • They can even be packaged into all-in-one sets for added convenience. From the initial invitation to the return postcard, everything you need and more is included.

And there's more! Here's what you get when you dive into our collection of wedding invitation templates:

  • A huge variety of styles, themes, and colors. Want a dreamy watercolor invitation? How about an elegant minimalist design? Whatever your heart's desire, we've got you covered. Many themes come with a variety of colors included in the package.
  • Professional, affordable design. With invites as low as $3 you can get a design you love that doesn't break the bank-which is at risk of being broken anyway Weddings.
  • Print-ready files. Wedding planning is hard, but you can mark one more task off your growing list by getting your invites out the way. Plan smart for an all around cost-effective design that you can print fast and easily.
  • Help files and additional assets included. Our designers here on GraphicRiver include help documents as well as additional bonuses with their items to help you complete your overall design.