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Hi! My name is Andrea and I live in Milano, Italy.
I’m a Product and Graphic Designer and amateur photographer.
Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Rhinoceros are my favourite software applications, but i am really into creating computer graphics with all kinds of software; i just try to push hard to get the best results.
All my items provided here on Graphicriver are designed to speed up your work, maintain high quality; they are easy to use and adapt for all your needs.
Indesign goodness, resources for creatives, freelancers, large and small businesses all created by me.
I provide also 100% support for every kind of help you may need.
I lived for 6 months in Fukuoka, Japan, until now my best life experience…
At the moment i work fulltime as a freelance product and graphic designer based in Milano.
if you want to ask for informations, feel free to contact me.

NON-EXCLUSIVE ACCOUNT with other items can be found here:

I’m also available for FREELANCE WORKS: please contact me specifying clearly as possible what you need in one email.


My work has been featured in the book TOP GRAPHIC DESIGN SERIES – BROCHURE LAYOUT


“I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to Andrea for a great infographic. Also when I asked for a little help Andrea came back to me in the time it took to make a cup of tea. Really great service. 5 Stars” – Link

“5 stars!!!” – Link

indixolutions & jordicalaf
“Nice layout. Easy to use and customize. Thanks”
“Love it!” – Link

shaki & onmymarc
“Thanks for speedy feedback! Just bought it and will try it later on. Appreciated!”
“Hi, Just bought your product and and about to dig in! Looks great!” –

mtjansenfurniturecomhk & mike1052
“Excellent and very quick follow up!! Kudos”
“Superb work, and just what i was looking for.” –

phoenixartdesign & expressivemedia & UnicoDesign
“Just tried it out and it is working smoothly! Very great work, very clean! I am sure I’ll be using it a lot. Thanks!”
“Beautiful work op rated stuff! Thank you!”
“Great Work :)” –

“Hey Andre Just purchased this to use as my architecture portfolio, going to follow your similar awesome layout to showcase my drawings and images. Thank you loads for the great work” – Link

ArtepickTM & marcofama
“Congrat for the item. I will use for an Art Magazine. Rate with 5 stars!”
“I’ve purchased this item because it’s a great work, and I guess there’s no doubt about it. But also I think andre28 deserves the highest sales on Envato marketplace, because this has been the first time in two years that I had such a quick, nice and kind feedback – although I was not yet a purchaser!” –

“Great item, with a good deal of attention to detail. Overall the item was very useful with a good level of realism. Thank you for your hard work!” – Link

“You should give a few of these ‘Magazine Template Makers’ a class on how to properly design a Magazine Template. You don’t even want to know how any magazine templates I have purchased to only NOT use them! Your template is amazing… as well as a few of your other items that I have purchased.” – Link

“Bravo!!!! Finally a designer who considers the end-user and does not create outlines from the typography…. Great Work!” – Link

“just want to say, amazing job..!!!. i like the design, thats so clean and good looking also” – Link

“Totally Amazing Brochures…. They will have a lot of uses. They could be the best looking tri-folds on the site! Thanks also for the help converting them. Looking forward to what you design next!” – Link

“A really helpful seller, a credit to the Envato marketplaces, can’t recommend him enough. Excellent customer service, and great designs!” – Link

“I downloaded your product and I think it is superb. A really professional product. Also you helped me so much when I contacted you via email and you came back to me quickly and were very helpful. I will recommend you to as many people as I can, and I have rated your product 5 stars” – Link

“Really very useful, high quality report design, much more and better quality than I could have done on my own, a great source of design ideas. I’m new to InDesign and this was very easy to work with, and a solid design … mixing graphics with strong page layout. Andre is extremely responsive with any questions. Best recommendation!” – Link

“Such great work! So helpful! Greatly appreciated! Thank you.” – Link

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