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1. How to remove a gradient from textures?

Only select a background and change its colour. Then do the same for the pattern.
Or watch this video.

2. Why colours in the file isn’t quite the same?

It can occur for various reasons. Here some of them:

  • What software do you use? I make my works with the Illustrator and if you open it with another software (for example, with ColrelDraw) colours will be strongly different.

  • Check up a colour mode in options. If work is executed in RGB colours, and at you costs CMYK colours also will be deformed strongly.

  • Whether check up the “Proof colors” in the “View” menu is ticked. And whether “Proof setup” are correct.


1. How do I embed the SWF onto an HTML page?

It can be made in the different ways, and everyone chooses that method which seems to it more conveniently. But if you don’t know any you can use one of these:
  • The most simple way – open your .FLA file and go to “Publish settings…” at the “File” menu. Now check “Flash (.swf)” and “HTML (.html)” and choose the directory for saving the files. Click “Publish” button and here it is – a new HTML file with the SWF embedded.

  • This is a method that I use. Here the “swf.js” script is used. Simply download my example here and change a name and the size of .swf in a HTML file. Don’t forget to change title and background color of the page if it is necessary.

  • And here another method with using “AC_RunActiveContent.js” script. Watch this video tutorial.

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