Hi :)

I’m a software engineer at Teads. I love the fantasy universe, whether it’s in video games, movies or series! I’ve always been fascinated about graphic assets in video games, especially icons representing actions and items.

Because of this passion and my job, all the items I’m uploading on the Envato marketplace are about web technologies and assets for fantasy worlds.

Enjoy it!

My creations

310 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons (bundle + expansion 1)

76 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons

234 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons Bundle

85 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons

72 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons

77 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons

9 RPG Fantasy Classes Icons

15 RPG Fantasy Weapons Icons

Last but not least…

Please do not forget to rate my work! :) It means a lot to me. It provides a useful feedback and helps me improving the quality of the items. Also, it’s really motivating to see that what I’m doing is used and apreciated by you! :D

Finally, if you have any question or idea, I encourage you to leave a comment on the concerned Item, or to send me an e-mail thanks to the “Email Haress” panel on the right section of this page! :)

Cheers! :)


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