I’m a DIY-er, so graphics on my website and videos are a mash-up of lots of Envato products. I mostly learn how to use software, by buying a template – just jump in and start editing. It helps me get my projects off the ground. It beats staring at a blank white screen.

My website is a combo of the Yin/Yang WP theme and the Bloggy WP Theme.

One of my top priorities when choosing a theme is the quality of support offered by the author. Along with style, features and rating, of course.

My logo is made from a graphic river product:

Vintage Labels by yAniv-k:

My videos feature GR and VH elements from these authors:
Motion Graphics:
AE Chalkdrawn Intro:
Music in my intro video is The Thief Escape by ziFunk:

Titles and Lower Thirds made with elements from:

Other fun stuff in my videos include:
Pencil Drawings Alive:
Cartoon Speech Bubbles:

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