WordPress's Bae

I love everything that has to do with WordPress, Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing, and Technical Support.

I’ve been working on this industry for the past five years. The projects I’ve completed and people I’ve worked with have really shaped me to be a determined Designer and Developer. I am very keen on what I do and my client’s satisfaction is always my top priority. I take requirements and deadlines very seriously. Apart from Web Development, I am also involved in Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

✔️ Web Dev

I specialize in websites, crafting a crisp website that matches my client’s business is one of the best things I can do.

✔️ Shopify and WIX

With all the experience I’ve gained, I can easily work on Content Management Platforms like WIX, Shopify whether it’s making a website from scratch or managing an existing one.

✔️ Logos and Graphics Design

From Illustrator to Sketch and Lightroom to Photoshop, I can design beautiful graphics as required keeping minimalism in mind.

✔️ E-Commerce Sites

Either it’s from scratch or from a previous point, I can build an awesome E-Commerce website so that you can confidently sell what you want to without worrying about any technical aspects.

✔️ WordPress Website Development

WordPress is Bae! I have been working on this platform for the past five years and you name it, I’ll get it done!

I really love working with people, especially if they have the same passion I have for what they do.


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