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Why do you only have few items?

We only have few because we make sure that the quality of the design is astounding. We only design twice a week for us to compel better and excellent designs. We are afraid of making lots of items then end up failing to get the excellence that we aim or ending up quantity over quality.

Why is your item only for 6 dollars?

First, we want to help you. We don’t just design for money. This a win-win situation right here. We design first because we love to do our passion, we love to express our feelings through our designs. Second, we also want to earn as well. We want to provide or support our family needs through financial. Lastly, we want church to be more presentable regarding with the designs. It’s always our vision to be able to help the churches.

Do you accept freelance job?

Yes, it’s our pleasure to help you with your design.

Why do you only design in Graphicriver Category?

This is what we want. We want to master our field. We want to be excellent right here. Because we do believe that you cannot put the fish in the land or let the fish climb the coconut tree. Because the fish is design for the sea or water alone.

What makes you different from other designers?

I call this the beauty pageant question. Of course, when put on the spot, I take a deep breath bat my lashes, smile and say…We take our philosophy in designing very seriously. We take great lengths to remain as unobtrusive and candid as possible. We pride ourselves with excellent idea further enhanced by exceptional editing, and of course… world peace.

What’s your favorite bible verse?

I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share its blessings. 1 Corinthians 9:23

ReinDesignStudio is a graphic design studio from the Philippines, the brainchild of Rein John Falcon. Founded in 2001, ReinDesign has expanded to a team of 10 that continuously builds an impressive portfolio of award-winning works in graphic design and branding. Driven to push the design envelope further, We is always on the look-out for collaborations with various creative entities on diverse design projects.

We really aim to help the churches with the design. We are doing our very best to keep them inline with the professional and standard about designing. We are also organizing such as workshop and seminar for the churches around Philippines. We want to help all the churches about the multimedia and design that’s why do it with love.

We also aims to educate and cultivate public appreciation through its work while making a lasting mark on visual culture and reinforcing the current lifestyle of graphic design here and abroad.

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