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Advertising and Social Media Strategy

Gain a balanced overview of the rapidly changing advertising landscape – with a special focus on social media as an integral part of overall marketing strategy. In this course, you will not only learn how consumers respond to different media and interact virally in social networks but also acquire valuable tools to track campaign effectiveness and ROI. This innovative, case-study-oriented elective culminates in a hands-on project to design a social media strategy for a brand, company or product.

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B2B Marketing

What makes B2B marketing different? The simple answer is that customers are organisations who seek functional benefits. They have a complex decision-making process. And transactions are both high-value and high-risk. This course reviews traditional marketing topics, such as customer behaviour, segmentation, pricing, partnerships and negotiation, but transposes them to the B2B environment. Besides the lectures and case studies, the course also uses the INSEAD-developed INDUSTRAT simulation to hone your practical skills and judgment.

Customer Insight

Gain the most important competitive advantage of them all: the ability to understand and influence your customer. This course is brief and intensive with a very practical focus. It examines cutting-edge concepts from psychology and behavioural economics to help you understand, predict and shape your customers’ preferences and behaviour. Classes are highly interactive, blending discussions, exercises, case studies, presentations and project work.

Distribution Channels and Sales Force

Who says the 4th P of the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, place) is the least glamorous? Today, product proliferation, media fragmentation, intermediary power and e-commerce have put a premium on the internal and external “channels” that transmit products and services to the points of consumption can u buy followers on instagram and beyond. Using mainly case studies, this course gives you not only in-depth understanding, but also a set of analytical frameworks and tools to optimise channel design, coordination and performance.

Health Care Markets and Policy

The objective of this course is to identify the complex interactions between health care delivery, insurance markets, governments, business organizations, and health of populations. If you are interested in understanding the growing role of the health and health care sectors in the economy, this course examines it’s key issues and strategy across a number of jurisdictions. Topics include: the market for medical care, the market for health insurance, the relationship between health care and the firm, physician payment, hospital delivery and competition, and inequality and health. You will also examine the role of government in the financing and delivery of health care, and how government decisions affect firm strategy and behavior.

Brand Management

The course begins with an examination of the role of brand management within the firm and the relation of brand management to product management, marketing and competitive strategy, and corporate strategy. You will learn how brand value is measured, how brands cope with competitive and environmental threats and how to buy more followers on instagram opportunities and how brand assets are managed for the long term. This course is designed to help general managers learn the tools and rules of brand marketing, or for people interested in a career as a marketing manager or consultant in the field of marketing. The course consists of a rich mix of topical case discussions, conceptual lecture-discussions and a hands-on project.