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Vector graphics: forever scalable

Whether you’re building a new brand identity or need an awesome print design, vector graphics provide the most reliable design quality around. Created by designers with programs like Adobe Illustrator, their best feature is definitely their versatility, along with a few others:

  • Vectors are fully scalable graphics for the best quality around. Need a huge print of your favorite design? Go ahead, scale it up to any size! You can print your designs as large or as small as you want without any loss of quality.
  • Because of their full scalability, vectors are essential branding resources. Know what a designer’s worst nightmare is? A JPEG logo...or even worse, a GIF! Creating all your brand materials in a vector-based program ensures a gold standard of quality design. And you definitely want that! Why? Because if your logo is a vector image, you’ll be able to print it as small as you like, i.e. to fit on a pen, or as big as you like, i.e. to cover a 10-square-meter billboard. No matter how big or small, it will look flawless—no pixelated images anywhere!
  • Vector art is great for both print and online work. You don’t have to worry about “saving for web” here. You can transition easily knowing that your designs work well as a print or even a web graphic.
  • And lastly, you can create just about any style of art with a vector-based program. From minimalist prints to exceptional digital masterpieces, you’re only limited by your own imagination.

Vector graphics make up one of Envato Market’s largest collections, with over 230,000 assets and counting. Each file has been quality-checked by our review team—but still, over two hundred thousand vectors to choose from can feel quite daunting. So here’s a quick run-down of the main types of graphics you’ll find:

  • Characters, from people of all sorts to animals and even monsters, robots, ghosts and a lot more;
  • Objects, with a massive amount of different types of food as well as buildings and all sorts of man-made objects;
  • Decorative vectors include backgrounds, symbols and decorative patterns just to name a few;
  • Thousands of conceptual graphics include vectors and vector packs all revolving around a common theme, such as nature, holidays, sports, business, travel, technology and much more;
  • Vector images work well both on print and online, but one category in our collection is dedicated to web elements—icons, symbols, buttons and all things web;
  • And finally, if you’re an ink lover you can get plenty of tattoo ideas as well!